Green Planet: Our Commitment

Sustainability is not just a word to us, it is a commitment ingrained in each of our projects. We are proud to lead the way to a more sustainable world through our initiatives. We are an agency committed to positive change, and every project we undertake reflects that commitment.

Our natural corner

At Newcom Horizons, we are determined to take an additional step in our commitment to a more sustainable future. As a team, we believe that each of us can make a difference, which is why we have partnered with Bosquia, an organization dedicated to reforestation.

Through this partnership, we plant and care for one tree for every year of our employees. This initiative is taking place in Cue, Asturias, a special place that symbolizes our connection with nature. The trees we plant are native and are grown in alveolus, rather than from seed, to ensure their rooting and survival, thus contributing to the recovery of our forests and the mitigation of climate change.

We firmly believe in the importance of caring for our planet and, as a team, we are determined to leave a green and positive footprint in the world.